Sunday, September 6, 2009

Portrait - Adriana

Adriana - Stand still
Adriana,my daughter used to pose for me.
It was possible at that time. The life changed. I keep painting my feelings.
This is my daughter portrait. She used to be my model, so my two sons and friends .


DJ said...

I enjoy this painting very much. All artists need times of quiet, as in this portrait.

Maria Ávila said...

True. Much concentration too
Thanks a lot DJ.

kartika said...

Your art is wonderful and I love your blog! This is a lovely painting. Thanks for stopping by - I love meeting new artists! Kartika

Maria Ávila said...

Thanks a lot Kartika! I am still learning about, and I am going slow. You are incentivating me. I am very grateful. You are lovely.

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