Saturday, August 15, 2009

Masks - collage

I am very curious and I like to try all different ways to express my feelings.
Some people don´t understand why I like to keep so much junk that is considered garbage. My intuition tells me " keep this", and I promised myself to follow my heart, always. Then, once in my studio, I looked around, sometimes I don´t know where to start, but as soon as I start working, something happens. I have been making ART for 30 years, I have made many exhibitions, in Brazil and abroad, I am still looking for my style. Do I need a style?
Did Picasso have a style? He painted in so many ways that he was unique, he was Picasso. And he said, " It took me 93 years to learn how to paint as a child".
I know life has taught me many different ways of living, and each day is a new day, and I am not the same. I am better as the time goes by. I feel I am happier now than when I was 20 y/o. I feel more confident and more tolerant than I used to be, I understand much more the "messages" I get now than the ones I got when I was younger. With age we learn to manage our time and life. Here is the ARTIST 24 HOURS: night and day I think about how is going to be the next work, painting or collaging. And I keep working...

It is much better being RED once than yellow all life.

I used to paint the papers before I am going to work with them. I try different colors and textures.

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